The St Simons Tree Spirits Treasure Hunt is a fun way to explore St Simons Island and it’s completely free to visit them. In the 1980’s a craftsman named Keith Jennings carved more than 20 oak trees with faces. Each face is unique and while some of these carved oaks are on private property, 7 of them can be found in public areas.

Creation of the Tree Spirits

Jennings carved these tree spirits into the knots of trees or places where limbs had fallen off so that each creation would last. Carving where bark is present would cause the creation to be lost as the tree bark grew back. The well-being of the trees used is taken into consideration and experts are consulted on each project.

Guide to Finding the Tree Spirits

You can try to find them on your own or enlist the help of for a step-by-step guide and printable map. You can also visit the St Simons Island Welcome Center to find out about new carvings that are in production or will be coming soon. Check out the St Simons Island Welcome center online, or visit them in person to see one of the tree spirits outside the welcome center!

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