St Simons island

The Golden Isles are considered to be very bike-friendly for the young and young at heart. Bike riding is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the Golden Isles and there is always so much to see!

St Simons Island is bike-friendly and has over 30 miles of bike paths. These bike paths connect to many popular restaurants, beaches, shops, and historic sites.  Some favorites are bike riding around East Beach neighborhood, biking through Cannon’s Preserve, riding past the airport (you might even catch a glimpse of an airplane taking off or landing!) and the Village area. The St Simons Island biking trail map can be found here. There are plenty of locations on St Simons Island to rent a bike:


Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island bike paths encircle the entire island and make up about 24 miles of bike paths. You can start on the backside of the island bike through the Jekyll Island Historic District and head north to see Horton House ruins. There is even a dirt path behind Horton House that leads to the Horton Pond where you may catch a glimpse of native birds, turtles, fish, and alligators! You can also bike the ocean side of the island and enjoy the ocean views and breeze.  The Jekyll Island biking trail map can be found here. The locations on Jekyll Island to rent a bike include:


Bike riding on St Simons Island and Jekyll Island can be a fun outdoor activity for the whole family. Both St Simons Island and Jekyll Island have bike paths that line almost every major street. You can even enjoy a bike ride on the hard-packed beach at low tide to explore the coastal wildlife.  Most bike shops will deliver bikes to your door and pick them up when you are finished with your adventure! Come hop on your bike and take a relaxing ride under the historic oaks of the Golden Isles.

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